Mysterious Circumstances

I’ve departed from work under very mysterious and inexplicable circumstances. Just before the Christmas break I was scheduled to work on highly visible project at the company. I wonder if my departure had something to do with my very recent blog post giving president Trump’s engineers as an example of superior group than software engineers? Perhaps someone felt a simile between software engineers to prostitutes was antagonizing to female software engineers? (Technically, that would be due to unconscious bias of the offendee IMHO.)

I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to be caught dead employing a unionizer. The company’s hip iconic and meteoric growth persona could be marred beyond recognition by such a scandalous employee! And as shareholder, I probably don’t want a unionizer employer either. It would get in the way of things.

(Don’t mock me a FOB, many many coworkers and leaders mgiht be, but not I. Your coworker and the media of this place would have you believe me that it’s needed but never shouldn’t or needn’t happening here in CA. One helpful friend literally, in these words said:”They’d blacklist you, you know that right? If you complain about unfairness they put you on a list and you will never find a job in the silicon valley again” Although that was a good decade and half ago… andI didn’t believe him then, but now… See here, and here, while they are not exactly anti-union efforts, these tech companies, as decided in out of courts, definitely are messing with selective employment and blacklisting of some candidates for reasons other than their skill fitness! Oh, ahh, my poor SIP, the consequent thought: hey, if they want to do that, Unions would really get in the way of these acts. Unions can detect these things and act to prevent them from happening to the extent they have, and to obtain more just, more remunerative remedies for all affected when it does happen.)

I mean my kids play date canceled by her friends’ parents, my new neighbor starts yelling at me for very very very minor stuff. Five checkout counters at the library, three free, and the people behind me insist on rushing us to use ours. I feel like I’ve been misunderstood by Californian karma for my blog post. I feel so unwelcome here all the sudden.

Honestly though, just because his party aggressively targeted Bay Area industry to tax and pillage, it doesn’t mean we can’t stay within bounds of legality and challenge the administration rationally.

Just because he can be crude, angry, discriminating and unreasoning, it doesn’t mean we have to be. Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. The case against the administration can be made a lot more effectively than they have been made so far.

And it is against California law to unfairly treat employees because of their politics. It is a protected class!

Anyways, all my posts are published long after I write them, so by the time you see this, I may not be here any more. I may be hacked and lose my access to computers all together… I may be in bankruptcy and foreclosures… I might have gone to the west and bought my farm, I applaud you if you hear these primitive mixed metaphors.

I wish the best for everyone still, and seriously hope that we can engage in civilized and legal conversation about politics–even in difficult and poor circumstances.

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