Finale of Discovery

“…principles are all we have!” declared Michael in the heat of debate with admirer Cromwell about whether or not to blow Qo’nos. What a sharp contrast to “…hope is all we have” exclamation from Star Wars movie.

Yeoh’s costume, btw, reminds me of war lords she’s played in Chinese Wuxia movies. She wears it well.

Sigh, I’d hate to see Philippa summon Michael to see her one last time on her deathbed some years later in the watchers world… like when soong summoned data to bid farewell.

Wow, Ash leaves Michael so that Vog can returns to L’real and take control of Klingon home world… wow what a bitter bitter story for this tortured body and relationships… mind warping to think of the emotions…

And tos theme… I can hardly bear the anticipation…

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