Everyone is Great Except..

So, just saw an Asian lady blatantly snapping several picture of screen of a laptop unbeknownst to it’s owner sitting back facing her in the Palo Alto Philz. She later she opens her amera app again d skes yet ore phtos. Another person of a different “profile” approached me and engaged in a “normal” “Silicon Valley”ish convo, he dropped a name that is remarkably similar to a strangely named variable that I had moments ago typed on my laptop in an attempt to name an explosion of genius. My laptop is obviously radio silent. So, I can only assume the same has happened to me. But honestly, size 11 Ubuntu font on a 15” UHD display (8-10megapixels about 300 ppi) ought have been very hard to snap… but that’s digressive.

The federal government is shutdown right now over the Mexico wall. Maybe that’s why all these foreign agents are operating in overdrive?

But it’s all good though. Consider the human cell, well, any eukaryotic cell, they have DNA’s, mRNA’s and tRNA’s… And they’re all floating around in their world like we float around in our world. Some RNA’s make copies of DNA’s, and some RNA’s take DNA information and does something with it. It all works because everything floats around and can interact and copy from canon DNA.

But the one thing though… Even in a primitive system like the cell, there’s this thing called the nucleus which is segregated from other things to prevent writes to DNA. I think our society should mimic this and prevent writes to information devices.

The trespass on my chattle is actionable in the United States when it causes harm. So you can look, you can mimic, but don’t mutate. (Btw, this is not a release of any copyrights I have over any thing, past present or future. Just abstractly discussing human acts upon information.)

A completely random examples, I’m not sure I know why I thought of it, if my compute suddenly lock up, mid-expression, as I bang out prototypo code furiously, due to knowing action of a second party, and I lose the use of it for a while, that is by definition tresspass of chattle, I was dispossessed of its use. The loss in that moment of inspiration is vast, the delay of work, the mental anguish, consequent actions causing harm to me(like this time) are all fair game by the law of this land. If the second party changes some memory or stored information unbeknownst to me(and without my permission), then that also tresspasses on my property. In this vein, it seems that the conception of privacy, and it’s enforcement, can be partially grounded in the need for private property and property law.

Although privacy seems to be a fundamentally different kind of property than physical or intellectual, it is information property. Information is real, you know it when you see or otherwise become aware of it. Information exists objectively and its quality, quantity and changes can all be measured like physical objects(e.g. your information gain is my loss of privacy)

Information property entirely encompasses intellectual property and many other informational property. It has become increasingly practical to both protect and tresspass upon information property. I hope the courts of America will explore this notion in the cases to come.

Honestly, some days I think I may just be mentally ill, worrying about another party constantly hacking my electronic devices. There was some old news….. here–apparently, making many typographic mistakes is a sign of sick mental mind. You cannot imagine how many corrections I had to make while typing this blog entry on my Pixel 2. (And even more glaring once upon an n-th review)

All those suspicions about law enforcement hacking the cellular network, company security commandeering my computer to protect company IP or secrets, competitors and entrenpenurs hacking to gain competitive advantage, sadistic voyeurs satiating themselves….. What if all that is my imagination trying to compensate for my real lack of effort, talent or capacity? What if I simply type really badly and made all this trouble for myself?

How can I know for myself what I am to this world?

But, at least, in case all this is imaginary, we have a new idea for a future where we have legal protection on our ownership of information property.

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