A glimpse of the past and future…

The future feels like M$-DOS 3.0… or a VM screen. If we look at today’s google search box, we would miss things that we have come used to… I don’t know what it is that we will miss, but I do feel it when I can’t escape into vim mode and edit command line. There’s an internal finger that hits the escape to enter command mode and suddenly finds it missing… it feels unspeakably frustrating, there are symbols floating in the head that cannot be typed, there are keys that just don’t exist.

A modern man looking at future AI computer are insanely overwhelmed with information, unable to keep up with the multiple simultaneous threads of correlated flow of input. The brain become quickly fatigued, eyes starts crossing and closing, mouth drooling, legs and arms waving uncontrollably to trying to keep it all together.

Or he could just desire copulation with said apparatus. Who knows what kind of junk they put into future machines to sell them. Peh!

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