The Human Limit

Still reading Homo Deus. It occurs to me that there is a chance that humans intelligence are a local optimum, that it is a limit that we have arrived at after many years of evolution. (Calculus limit in the sense of the place one arrives at after many iterations of getting closer to better)

That is to say that there is some small chance that even if we put all of the energy the sun and elements on earth gives to us that the result may not be as intelligent as human kind intelligence at the evolutionary competition.

That is not a very scientific assertion. We’d have to have an AI to test that in case people loses.

That may also be very delusional. Guns, cars, planes. The only reason why other extensions to our faculties are not injuring us at a higher rate is the self restrain human has while using them. It is the coordination and enforcement that we have developed to ensure that they do not exceed their safe boundaries. It may more likely be the case that we put on a brake before we reach that evolutionarily competitive stage.

Yes laziness and greediness will make everything AI based. Just as we have segways and powered wheel chairs, we ride them if it is fun and avoid them if it is not fun.

Maybe… fingers crossed.

…We have come so far! advanced so much!! too far  too much to perish at our own indiscretions… or elseI watched too many Dr. Who episodes recently and have come to believes that will prove to be delusional…

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