They _ARE_ Spying on us

Did you see that? The IRS has always had, as a written rule in their operations manual, to read emails 180 days after they’re sent! Oh my god, have mercy on this country!

So, now, my blog readers, are you pleased that we’ve passed the legislations to regulate domestic spying punitive measures? Think of it! We can take the IRS down for the count, think of it! a Federal Privacy Tax Credit! When ever the feds, any feds audit our emails or other personal information, we’ll just get an automatic tax credit based on how much privacy was lost.

Even if we follow the weakest definition of privacy: The privacy loss is only non-zero if information was gained through clandestine activity and that we didn’t commit the crime for which the clandestine agent was trying to prove; even if we followed this definition, we’d be really really rich! And it is a tax cut to us! The law should be retro-active and we should get interest on owed back-privacy-tax-credit.

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