Why did god let me come into being if I am to turn out so useless to the world?

Famous last words…

既生瑜何生亮既生亮何生瑜 ??????

Sigh, the main point of this blog entry is to talk about a simplification to the world. So, why is marriage such a notoriously hard to deal with relationship? The real reason is that it has no end. Well, “till death do we part” according to western ideals, but essentially (and in some religions specified to be) endless, and especially, that there is no “after” the event. The reason why an unending stream is difficult to comprehend and manage is because merely that it does not end.

Suppose we reform the human marriage institution and make it so that by default the marriage expires after 5 years, that if they so wish, they can renew it for 2-years thenceforth. By default, we expect there to be hot romance and happiness and commitment and children for that entire duration, but it is expected that it end at the end of that time, and that it is an exception for it to be renewed. Second marriages will be renewed only at 2-year intervals.

More than three quarter of all marriage problems will be completely solved if this were the cases. (Stated here without proof)

And it would give more meaning to “getting a marriage license” if you have to renew it or get a new one.

Most abstract thoughts (including formalized thoughts about math, CS, engineering, and the likes) are had with the assumption that the universe, and all things conceived and manufactured continue without end. But realistically, most things we deal with, however large, actually are bounded and have a definitive and accessible end point, and that there is time and space afterwards.

alas, useless garbage

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