New year, Girl, China and Political Correctness

Ahh, It’s new year time, time to post a new piece of art from the f-collection. So, during an email conversation with a friend in China, I found that I had to type things in a politically correct way. I asked her to read my blog, but she couldn’t see it.

So, is it the great Huawei-Cisco-Incompatibility? Or are you too busy?
Trying to be PC has it’s payoff, which is that she actually will receive that email and will remain unaccosted. Here in the United States, we have such great lives, having personal freedom guaranteed by law. I can safely sleep at night knowing that nobody else is reading my emails and that I won’t be punished for typing something into a email window or because I’ve received a _private_ and _personal_ email from someone in my personal email account !!
This will be such a great year in America!

oh, ps, if you are a girl who’s reading my blog not for glory or money but because you want to get to know me, that other girl is not a gf, wana go out on a date with me?
oh. ps2, If you are that other girl, can I take you out to dinner some time?

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