I have a compromised immune system

I am beginning my weekend of TV watching with Quiz Show, which is showing on hulu.com for free right now. What’s this got to do with my immune system? Absolutely nothing. Just using a bait title to get u to read my blog. muhawhawhahhahahaaa. Anyways, I use Google Analytics and I know nobody is reading my blogs except for me.Sigh…

However, I do have a severely compromised ethics system. When I saw Charles Van Doren deny the offer from the Jewish TV producers, I felt… I felt…

I felt that I want to take the offer. I am really short on cash recently and if I am made an offer to receive $100k (in 2010 USD adjusting for inflation) a week for reciting a few facts that I am made to remember, honestly, I think I would do it. I mean, as I watch the show, and how Charles interacts with his dad and mom, I remember my dad and my mom and the values that they try to instil in me. And I felt… like I want to be in Charle’s shoe. I felt like…

I want to be smart, handsome, white and blonde, and I want to have strong principals and say: “Well, I will have to say no” to two business men because I felt that accepting the offer would compromise my principles and values–be it academic principles, cultural principles, or personal values…

I so want that!!! Even if it only lasted for a moment (because after, he accepted and started taking answers from them)

I think the expression best express my feelings was said by a comedian:

“You know, I’m otherwise a normal heterosexual male, but in that one instance, for that one guy, I am gay. I want to put ****** into #%!#$!#! and *!# all oveR #!s %@#% #$ !#@$ ! #@%#! $ !#$ #!@ $#!@ $ !#@$ !”

Sigh, and from that point forward, watching the movie is just such torture…. it’s like after that one homosexual climatic romantic moment, you find that other guy cheating behind your back, again and again, and again, and again, and it just just such a fucking heart break. And you know in your heart that he doesn’t want to… well, you wish he doesn’t want to cheat on you.


okay, snap back to reality. Gota do laundry….

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