Rule by Secrecy

Hmmm, this blog entry is not about the book of the same title. I won’t mention Skulls and Bones, and the Masons, and Common Cause, and Illuminati, Fight Club, weather club, The AA, Triads and Mafias. What is the problem?????

So, I’ve given this some thought.
Suppose I work at an Internet Startup (aka a DOT COM), and suppose there is a group of black hat hackers at work who constantly mess with my work (“mess with”==”cause damage to the company and make it look like my fault”)
Suppose now that they’re not the bosses (who themselves have pit bulls that can keep those black-hats at bay most of the time) and I complain to the bosses, but the bosses deny their existence. Even though their own Shins are getting whacked day in and day out, the bosses put a grin on their face, and tell me: “Nope, black-hat hackers don’t exist and you are just a bad employee.”
Now, theoretically, under Darwinian world view, these unstated secret groups of clout are natural evolutionary entities that come into existence and compete, semi-stochastically. Their(the hackers’) continued happiness is the result of their fitness. As a whole, human society benefits from their existence. What’s more, the bosses are probably grinning with a bloody shin bashed to the bone, exposed to air because they believe that these guys are good for the company(or to themselves somehow).
Now, as a non-hacker, I suffer constantly. And from my perspective, the bosses have the power, by virtue of their being the boss which entitles them unconditional rights to hire and fire for any reason at any time(at-will, non-competitive clauses). So either they are in cahoots and hired the hackers intentionally, in which case I wonder why it appears to me that they’re blooding in such a painful place, or they do not have control. Personally I would prefer the prior, even though that would make the bosses my original antagonizer, and that my shines is the only one that’s bleeding.
In general, why, beyond the fact that I am not a member of some secret power, is governance under secrecy a bad thing?
Well, decisions are not made democratically–how can it be democratic decision if the decisioning maker are unaware of the problems ?? (Okay, CS people spare me the “news” about ZK algorithms, because then I’d have to ask “is the system bug free? and does it always terminate in acceptable amount of time?”)
Unmonitored decision making process is not trustworthy. I don’t trust it! You shouldn’t trust it! The secret power shouldn’t trust it because how does it know that it’s actually not the secret and that it is actually being played by a bigger/different power that is being deliberately kept secret from them?
I believe that only a clearly stated and strictly enforced policy of open government, free government and honest government can have a chance of being a lasting righteous government. I believe paranoia and unwarranted diligence in self discipline are key characters that can help us attain it.
The secret societies will still exist.
Clouts, political parties will still exist.
Nazi’s and 911 and Communism and Capitalism and imperialism (ahh, the ISM’s) will all still happen.
so… what changed? What good did this mental reverse big-bang do for me?
I’m not too sure. But, I guess, I lost sight of the driver of this universe. I lost faith in that good is always prevailing…
sigh… I feel lost.

7 thoughts on “Rule by Secrecy

  1. The loss of transparency of honesty is loss of efficiency. The secret societies and the hackers thrive because their nature affords them extreme efficiency of execution. When they want something, they reach out and get it. No due process. No paper work. Pure and simple.

    The democratization of an open and free government as you've proposed will bring the masses of humanity to mediocrity with zero variance. Then it will die from inability to adapt and change.

    It just won't work!!

  2. But my disenfranchisement, and the disenfranchisement of the masses of human that is our society, is significant! It means that whatever originally drove our governments that brought us our prosperity are not any longer in control! We deviate from the founding principles of America! and we are led astray by a few who ultimately control these secret societies.

  3. But how do you know that the American government wasn't originally designed for these secret societies and large entities to _be_ in control?

  4. Why would they say it if they didn't mean it?

    And from the way it is said, it is clear that they felt that way and if they felt that way, talked that way, and acted that way, the evidence is mounting against the fact of rule-by-secrecy from the start.

  5. That's what they want you to believe. Appearances are deceiving.

    Worrying about your own disenfranchisement is selfish. What you are worried about are 妇人之见.

    Go back to your roots and find what your ancestors felt about what you describe.

    Then, stand up and be a man.

  6. In practice, you didn't mention what all those documentaries you watched spoke about, which was that there a few really rich people making decisions and influencing the masses to believe they wanted that.

    The secret society you describe that is a secret to all these other secret societies is money. There is no greater secret than the power of money.

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