Scared of Math

I just read in the news today that Partha Niyogi died today of brain cancer. This seems like one bad news after another. Earlier in the year, Sam Roweis, another bright young Machine Learning scientist jumped to his death from his residence in NYU.

The horrifying similarity is that Niyogi is known for his (and his student’s) work applying geometry and manifold to machine learning. Sam Roweis also published some work on visualisation and learning on manifolds.

There has got to be something kind of weird alien trying to prevent Humans from taking the next important step in learning and evolution?

Or maybe American or foreign military some how knows about some powerful related with geometries on manifolds and they sent spies to kill these people who know how to work this stuff?

In any case, let me declare that I know nothing of this area of math or computer science. Don’t come and kill me!! The last thing I remember learning any where close to that is something called a “curl” and though I use it regularly to get data from the web, I don’t believe that I should be executed for that kind of knowledge…

ugh. I’m scared…

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