Fedora 13 Broken Menu Bar

I found the instruction on this page helpful in trying to get many applications working (eclipse, gimp, etc) in fedora 13. I performed a

rpm -e gnome-globalmenu-common-0.7.8-1.fc13.x86_64 gnome-applet-globalmenu-0.7.8-1.fc13.x86_64
and the menu now shows up. In the duration of 2 hours of trying to find this answer, I’ve competely wiped my home directory with all traces of all my settings,… ugh! but I have the “File” menu now.
Here are some things I searched for.
“File Menu Missing in Fedora 13”
“Missing Menu Bar in Gimp”
“Linux Eclipse How to Hide Menu Bar”
“Gnome Linux Hide Menu Bar”
“Gnome Menu Font configuration”
Ohh, here’s another oddity: To select sloppy focus in Fedora 13, you have to install control-center-extra package.

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