I feel that I want to write in my blog following my last post apologizing to Jewish people who suffered greatly from Holocaust. I don’t mean to suggest that malice towards the Jewish people during the Holocaust was an inconvenient side effect of failure in communication.

Also, I will apologize to Chinese people who think that I am writing about the cultural revolution and saying that those in power arranged for atrocities to achieve personal or political interest counter to the interest of the Chinese people. I’m sure that was… well, I won’t characterize it here, but to say that I’m not talking about that at all.
However, my confusion and questions about 911 and post-911 decade remains. I mean, the terrorist may have some how smuggled state of the art explosive material onto the plain before boarding, that would explain why they found that in the debris…
Sadly, to me, at this moment, that seems less likely than a government inside job–having watched the movie.

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