memories of 911

I just watched a documentary called “Loose Change 9/11” The movie claims that many of the things about the 9-11 attack on the United States seem to be faked by a certain group of Industrialists who are lead by the Bush family. The movie claims that explosives were used to stage the various crashes and tower… It claims to find evidence of very powerful state of the art military grade explosives through out the towers, and shows shots of explosions happening on several floors as the tower falls to that floor.

There’re somethings that are contradictory about the movie though. If the forces behind the conspiracy that lasted centuries were so powerful, how was it that he is able to make this movie? How is it that they didn’t arrange for his and his crews’ death? (As the movie claims that witnesses of foul play were killed after they came public)
What would be even more fascinating to me, and if some centuries later this is proven, would be for the conspiracy to have occurred not by direct arrangement.
How can that be?
Well, in America, as I am sure is the case else where in the world, superstition are reinforced. Many times I would observe irrational behavior of individuals in power, and could not explain it for many years after (even after all the facts come to light and all parties that were to benefit from the secrecy of the knowledge of the act have fully gained the benefit of the secrecy) The irrational behaviors could still not be explained.
Many times, large companies operate based on “communication skills” that are quite often emphasized in modern corporate world. These skills tend to be unclear, unnecessary, and really really mean things that people say and do to each other in corporations to get their point across. But most importantly, on big important decisions, unclear mumble is the key feature. And if communication skills are taught using these very same communication skills, then would we not certainly get unclear communication on top of unclear language?
I have a feeling that because of a great emphasis on this type of “communication skills”, that somebody, or the whole military/government/large corporate powers may have inadvertently developed a completely different identity–a massive blob of intelligent sub-agents, who will transmit messages they were given, and act on messages that they receive. But these message’s original intent were not transmitted (intentionally for purpose of secrecy).
So, this massive chaotic intelligence built on top of units and organizational units of humans, groups, teams, departments, corporations, squads, platoons, companies, battalions, regiments, corps, armies, … all these hierarchical groups operating in total darkness of true intent of the message and tasks that they were given.
I don’t really believe that money is so powerful that it could move a person, or even a whole group of (democratically elected, no less, professionally trained, no less, highly educated with the knowledges of human civilization, no less) people to do something like this.
However, I can bring myself to believe that this would happen due to lack of global intelligence on the part of each of the units participating in this system. I can believe that each units were eventually given orders to put explosives in place (if that were really the case), and followed the orders as soldiers are trained to do, but that the orders or given by misleading communications to different levels of the military, and that large orders broke down into small orders, and at each level, the order were transmuted in this unclear communication that we have developed…
This idea came from an algorithm in the Machine Learning community called “belief propagation” which will lead to a global solution when each node of a Baye’s Net send it’s current belief to the other nodes it is connected to. Because each unit receiving orders are receiving unclear orders that they can only pass on what they believe was the intent of the order. And through this kind of message passing algorithm, 911 was arranged, executed, and covered up.
I mean, really, if we’re to believe 9-11 is a self-inflicted terrorism act, are we to believe that the Holocaust was all a hoax too? But certainly I absolute can believe that the human system of the time eventually exploded due to lack of global situation awareness by each individual participant and unit of participants, and that caused holocaust, and that the Germans, Japanese, and Italian people are still people, just as Americans are still people even after 9-11 and all the wars that it caused.
…and all the economic problems America suffered, and probably continues to suffer today.. All that, due to a maladjustment in our human system…

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