The 6-2-10 system–How to Deal with the Chinese Population Problem

Star Trek VII is on Hulu right now… I got very excited… watched for a while at work, and remembered that I hate Star Trek. For some reason, through four decades of the franchise, there have never been a Chinese person on the show. Given that the population is a quarter of humanity now, …, sigh, …, maybe the sci-fi writers of Star Trek decided that WW III wiped the Chinese out?

And the Chinese space program continues separately from the “International Effort”…. sad..

Anyways, back to my main point. In my youth, while I was still dreaming of a peaceful, advanced future where human can face all challenges because of our ingenuity and humanity…, I once had an idea.

So, China is “over populated” and most people are forced to retire around age of 50… just when they have accumulated experience.

So, a fairly naive idea is to take the day, split it into three 8 hour segments.


and have people put into phased days. Some people have living schedule such that they work 6-2, others 2-10, and a few 10pm to 6 am. Let’s refer this as the 6-2-10 system, as compared to 9-5 system.

(And this goes for universities, most companies, manufacturing… the only thing that it wouldn’t work for is probably farmers…, which, well, that’s for a separate blog)

They would have to build office space (and possible living quarters) such that people can share the same office space, during the three phases.  But once this is done, the only thing is to coordinate traffic so that people commuting to work and from work can pass freely. And this should also be easy because people going from home to work and from work to home will be less this way than a 9-5 system. And when they share roads, the roads will be utilized better because both to and from work will be used simultaneously, instead of all going to work and all coming from work.

And Japan, and Korea, any where there is dense large populations, this system can be applied, and suddenly, we lessen the crowd, and people will be allowed to work past their retirement age in China.

Also, in the 6-2-10 system, there won’t be a need for day light saving time. The entire day light will be used. Granted, some extra resources will be consumed to light offices and schools to allow them to see from 6-8ish, and from 6ish pm – 10pm. But that is a solvable problem.

I guess, grudgingly, I should credit the show Star Trek for making me aware of this possibility. There was actually one episode where they switch from a 3-cycle day to a 4-cycle day to increase the efficiency of those working. (because they work shorter but more intensely) Even though they don’t like the Chinese, they may have inadvertently solved a problem for them.

What are some problems with the 6-2-10 system?

I guess one obvious one is that the society will be segregated into three segments. The effect on society is unfathomable.

Also, how would you either assign or choose which period you worked in? (What would be fair? What would work well?)

How would you deal with the extra resources (electricity) needed to make this happen? How would you transition into this system from a standard 9-5 system?

When would you collect the garbage if an office space is occupied 24 hours a day?

We don’t have this problem in America of course… But Asia certainly face this problem.

 And, I’d like to claim that the 6-2-10 system is far superior to the 1-child policy as a means to deal with the “Chinese Populaiton Problem”.

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