who’s better Pang or Madoff?

There seem to have been two Ponzi schemes in the news recently. Recently, the perpetrator of one of them, Danny Pang, committed suicide. The other one, Bernard Madoff, is in jail.

Most modern people, those I work with, those I’m friends with, my parents even, probably will say a person like Madoff is better. He made more money with the a scam and lives. For many, we may even suspect that he is just a red herring for something else, and actually a saviour of sane world as we know.

Where as Danny Pang, having killed himself, made certain that he is not a red herring and just lost the battle to stay filthy rich in a world that allows it.

Assuming, superficially, that their offences were equally evil, but differ only in the quantity of money and the number of victims in question. (according to wiki, $65b vs. $4b)

As a person who is involved in absolutely zero devious schemes, I would like to say that I prefer a business man who have a conscience and is so shamed, that he kills himself. I would prefer a person who feel compelled by conscience than a person who is not compelled by conscience. Not because I like to see people die when they make mistake, but that the fact of morality is… extra safety measure.

BUT, having said that, everybody says to me that thick skin like Madoff is better for me. EVERYONE!!

so………, I am left wondering… in principle, in mouth, we will ultimately agree we want moral persons,…, err, I guess the expression is… professional ethics… an ethical professional is what we want, not an unethical professional. But in practice, we are encouraged to tolerate professionally unethical behavior (both in ourselves and in others we’re teamed with)

so… in practice, ethics is just something to make others do and not to do ourselves?

because I have to, absolutely must admit, I like the fact (if all is as seems, that he did intentionally do bad things to old people who put their savings into an account with him) that he felt the shame and ultimately relieved himself of the shame…. (without going into western religious things about how he is actually not cleared of any sins by suicide but added to it…) that ethics was a force in his system of workings…

Where as in Madoff’s system, he is happily in jail…. or unhappily, but still wills to live.

Yeah… now that I type it out, I do prefer Madoff, in that he lives…

I feel so guilty for feeling this way.

(Being as it would appear not involved in any unethical money making scams)

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