Who caused that crash?

Sometimes, one thinks that countries competes for influence–and some times, even if the influence is negative.

Recently, (early 2009) there had been many days of stock market declines, and usually, the news headline notes “China tightens control on lending, market drops”(for instance, wsj article here)… or something to that effect. (mixed in with repeated reports of more and more bad products from the PRC, dry wall, toys, food, pet food…)

Not to be pushed out of the limelight, Japan’s Toyota today announced that it extends it’s gas-paddle recall to include asking the dealership to not sell several models.(Sydney Morning Herald, wsj article)

Since these quality problems has been reported many times in previous years, and since no action were taken then, one can only surmise that the recent decisions to not only recall sold cars, but also to recall unsold cars (as opposed to paying for pre-market patches), seems like a reactive motion to join the “ruinner of economy and consumer confidence” club.

oh…, and stock market crasher.

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