Just saw this movie, and named this blog after one of the things that happened in 26 century:

Fart Museum!!! (*tadaaaaa*)

Wow, some times, ficshun is truerer than reality!!

I cannot believe how often I feel like the average person portrayed by Luke Wilson (well, minus the busty Maya Rudolf) walking amongst some of the world’s most advanced most leaderish mostest bestest some such of things, and I look at it, and think: huh?

And then, other times I feel like the people of the 25 hundreds. It’s like I don’t talk right, I don’t think right, and my life is designed for me like a kid’s toy, and I still hesitate looking at large icons trying to figure out… duhhhh! butt pain? or baby pooping out of butt? duhhhh!!!! wah????

sigh…….. Maya Rudolf seems like a pretty women, wonder why she doesn’t do so well on SNL and on these block-non-bustin mooveeeeees…


oh! and I like money.


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