Yale student dead

Sigh… Very sorry to hear of the Yale student Annie Marrie Le’s murder. Hope her killer will be caught and put to justice.

This killing stirs a muddy feeling in me. Motives:

Former/Parrallel Lover: So there’s another guy that likes her, maybe she kissed him, or made out, or drove him crazy (surely she can, being both exceptionally in smarts and prettiness). And he can’t stand the thought of never having her… confronts her, one thing leads to another, a struggle, accidental(or purposeful) murder, and then concealment… Probably a fellow student/researcher or a professor. In a moment of sexual heat, it is not beyond imagination that an intelligent person might commit this crime.

His former/paralell lover: Girl on girl action. MMmmm fun to think about, but unlikely. He’s not that hot, and there hasn’t been news to the opposite effect.

Her competitor in profession: Nah! if it’s not a crime of passion, surely, the doctors and scientists cannot be that crazy. Even in this crazy economy where academic funding is low.

Hate groups: If you read my older blogs, you might suspect that the killer belongs to a hate group I founded. I didn’t! And s/he doesn’t.

When I first came to California, I found that I hated the girls here. They really raelly love those huge tall white Americans who are well off, better dressed, bigger dick than me…. I hated it sooo much!!! I feel my bones shrieking when I see the image of an Asian women (no, no, it’s a very young asian women, still with youth and life, not the dead/unhappy/lifeless kind that we often see walking around) then turning around to kiss a tall handsome White dude. (dreamt of it in nightmares often)

I hate it!!
[0, 255, 0]
I jump up, and punch my desk… yell loud enough to wake my neighbors, and then feel worse, realizing that she’s even less achievable now, now that she’s in a dream and infatuated with a white dude who’s obviously more “fit” for her needs…

But Annie Marrie Le has a curious name, not immediately recognizable to me. Probly does not belong to a family that would cause this kind of hatred (that is to say, she’s not first generation, probly speaks English as first language, and consequently, at least for my type of jealousy, is not a target of it).

sigh…, there doesn’t appear to be anything that can make up for it… except for some renewed alertness for the universities to take care of their investments’ needs and protect them from physical harm…


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