Does DS9 know about this?

Wait, what? The Dominion is involved in vote tempering in America ???? Quick, some body raise !

Actually, wait, what would the TLD be for Starfleet? It has that militaristic organization, but its driven by directives and principal that goes beyond serve and protect. Maybe they’ll have a TLD called .fed to service federation activities. Idk, there are paradigm shifts that maybe present say analogies just can’t describe.

It’s difficult to imagine a pursuit more noble than space exploration and exploitation as promoted by my most favorite TV show Star Trek. like would there need to be a TLD for FED? Are there any thing else I the future other than the Federation? Maybe the TLD will be .sf for Starfleet.

Thankfully, this is not yet a full blown problem yet today. The evil genius know as Elon Misk still does not have a definitive advent age on space exploration and occupation. But there are news appearing with titles like “Psyche, an asteroid believed to be worth more than $10,000 quadrillion is observed through the Hubble in new study.”

Don’t anybody tell The Chine$e, lest Trump tweeter storm America about its, what if they get a head start on these “rare” earth metals?

Also, did they consider inflation when they did that calculation? Were the metal really become available, their cost would drop so far that it wouldn’t be worth that much. This might be a thing that economist have a name for, but the intrinsic value of that asteroid seems vastly different from its market value due to plentiful ness.

The point being, what do we do when we find out our measly existence and value system is absurdly moronic when a technological shift suddenly changes everything…

Do we drop everything and go digging for precious metal? Do we give up monogamy because… we’ll just because it sucks. Do we fire the president and vote a Misklike person to be our eternal leader? That’s not completely absurd, for $10,000 quadrillion, nothing is absurd. We could reproduce profusely and prolifically until our bodies build a bridge to the stars and a wall against aliens. We could impeach the entire congress and only build rockets and fly, fly, fly!!!

Again, we’re obviously not there yet, but it feels tantalizingly close.

What shall we do then? Will our children live fruitful lives that we may comprehend? Where in the world is our world going ?

I have to get better 二锅头。Who knew these cheap Chinese products can all have same name and be so different in effects…

Ahhh, shoot, I just got it. “Black alert!”

I hope it doesn’t get misinterpreted as … in the context of BLM, … and worst if it is glorified for violence.

And I wonder why in those those thousands of years, now referring to Star Trek Discovery universe, why they haven’t figured out a stable way to make changes using time travel. It feels like there can be multiple equilibria that one can choose from and that achieving a different equilibrium can both be “good for everyone” and “immutable change” that cannot be changed by another time travel. I would be disappointed if that’s a physical impossibility.

Again, I need better …

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