Woohoo USS Zheng He

Oh hoooohooo!! My complaints into the inter web have been heard, the federation, in the 24th century, celebrates 14th century Chinese Navigator Zheng He by naming their state of the art flagship after him. Wow! And she leads an armada of ships… as the original Zheng He did.

The willingness to use a Chinese Naval general is awesome! There is so little Chinese here that anything is a huge boon! I mean, also, talk about getting all the bang for the diversity buck in using just two words… Zheng He is was born to a Muslim family in 14th century China. He was enslaved and castrated by the Han-Chinese Ming dynasty at a young age,… but to make a long story short, he overcame that kind of adversity and rose to become a general/Admiral and lead a series most successful naval missions known in all of Chinese history.

It’s like Dunkirk… so much in so few words

The season of Star Trek Picard has ended… in great haste. That 10th episode was at least two episodes in Best of Both Worlds… I don’t understand why everything feels so rushed. It may be just that the story and acting is so good that one wishes to linger longer in the Universe of Star Trek. Especially, now that we have regained our corrected Starfleet. In my younger youth, I remember being able to hold that excitement and memories of emotions and tech and myths and plots all for longer time after an episode… I mean, for god sakes, we’re talking about an tempted galaxy-wide biocide! Like, it’s not homicide, it’s not genocide, it is BIOCIDE! My mind just cannot take that in within the span of one sentence! It needs time to experience this.

One cannot praise the acting enough though. Stewart, can blush like Briones and barf like Pill… heck, he can probably play a few half’s of soccer with Cabrera and… and when he smiles, you know it is right. You know the universe, with starfleet, is alright.

The Trek is a little bit less subtle than TNG, IMHO, when Picards explains to Rios the powerful tools of federation: Openness, Optimism, the spirit of curiosity, (all they have is fear, fear is the great destroyer, not…)… failing to use these powerful tools is a failure of imagination (creativity/intelligence/technology) These words while verbalize some ideals behind Star Trek, it is difficult to contemplate that they can be taught in words, until I saw Picard do it. You can actually say these things out loud in a human language. I do not know how I feel about this direct approach, but it hits the nail right on the head, directly.

I am also a little scared of season two, probably for lack of my own creativity. How do they follow a Picard-data story like this… and many bigwig producers are leaving the show.

But, I suppose I should take a cue, and boldly look forward to the unknown, with hope and optimism full blast!

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