Why can covid19 quarantines stop?

It’s March 2nd 2020, 5 states in America has ordered shutdown of all non-essential businesses. Italy and Spain are kind of spinning out of control with a lot of sick and dead…

But in China, PR of, people are starting to go back to work, ending very strenuous quarantines for almost two months.

So… one wonders why is it safe for China to let people into the streets now? If the R-nought is more than 2–apparently meaning each sick person will eventually infect more than two people.

The vaccine has not been developed yet. There has not been an announcement of effective anti-viral drug against covid19. So, why is it safe, now, in China, to release all the people back onto the streets? Can there not be one sick Chinese that can spread it to the rest of Chinese at an exponential rate of… more than doubling after each infection? (Admittedly it will take some where between 16 and 30 and sneezes before all 1.386 billion people have it)

Anyways, after some concerning myself for several days watching billions of people being let back onto streets, the only explanation I can think of is the rising temperature may make it more difficult for this flu to propagate—the r-nought is changing due to changing of the season. Wuhan, for example just reached 80 degrees yesterday, rising from the 60’s two weeks ago. Beijing is bouncing about 65.

California will be in the 60’s for the next week, according to the forecast. The rest of the US, of course, is not as warm: WA, MA, IL, NY, doesn’t even break 60 in the next week. 🤮

I wish this information is just available somenwhere. I don’t want to read a scientific paper. I mean can all these daily Press Conferences … can nobody give some more sense to us about how things are going to go? I heard about respirators, I heard about vaccines and drugs to treat, I hear about the curves and the hospital ships, but why not give the people a slightly longer outlook, perhaps a better picture of what to hope for using honest information about seasonal respiratory diseases? Why do we not know that it will be all cured by August because virus melts in the sun like icecream? To me, when everyone maybe dying, and the world is dark, there is a need for promise of a sunny day to come. I understand that it may be the “Chinese flu” that has its RNA’s written in Chinese. But can we translate the common sense to English? Can you all rich and famous and smart and powerful people talk in words the rest of us can understand ????

Anyways, I will applaud the efforts of trump administration and many philanthropists to recruit Data and Computer Scientists to help out curing covid19 flu. Link to the kaggle for it. I am, as eager as all the people funding AI research, to see AI save the day. Honestly, this is a great chance for a lot of dark-magic black-art of AI to see light of day. It’s like a dream come true for all the nerds and geeks… a chance to save the world… the president of USA and the richest people here, all are asking you to help save the world!! It doesn’t get better than this!! Isnt it a wonderful world?!! Big, bold, beautifully wonderful world!!

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