Voyager -> Picard

Watching Voyager episodes trying to catch up on Borg episodes to watch Picard.

Did anybody notice how Torres has Hispanic heritage? So… if you think back…. it took a Mexican to entice a Klingon women to bed? Man… there’s always these rumbling of I don’t know what in my mind when I watch Star Trek. On the one hand, the Federation loves diversity, rights, freedom, individuality and… of course unity. But on the other hand, why is it that Kim never got past ensign grade? How come Kim is the one with all the perverse sexual desires/experiences? Why is the Asian kid the most home sick and most gullible character ? Look at Janeway, she certainly has a great forceful but feminine leadership style. (Serious kudos here) But you really see some sex-charged body language… now that coming from a superior… it … it is hard to refuse uncomfortable and yet pleasing… leading to a perverse submission both in Federation command structure consciously and also submission in a homo sapient sexual way subconsciously.

Errrr, okay, so I guess I’m confused about what I object to… I wonder if anybody sees how clean everyone on is on Picard. I don’t know how to explain this, but do you feel… perhaps everyone on Picard is too clean in some way? During first two seasons of Discovery, I constantly complain how bad the acting is and how bad the music is and how bad the acting is… but looking back, I am a little sorry to have complained about that. A lot of minority actors does produce a different kind of show. Boisterous characters are atypical of TNG. Crying characters are atypical of TNG. In fact nobody is sad for more than one episode on TNG. Major characters dying is atypical of TNG characters… a major character with a serious accent.(with Picard’s emphasis), a smiling Vulcan…. but that difference may be exactly what is needed.

Picard is such a great show (so far as of episode 2) but it is just so very clean. It is so well produced. I’m starting to feel…. I feel like I’m listening to a cell phone from the 1990’s. The frequency range transmitted has been greatly filtered. It looks and sounds exactly right. I don’t feel the minority difference any more. No Asians. Except for a mix race asian… not a real problem here, they can explain it away easily. I mean the population of Earth is 35% Indian and Chinese, but they have their own separate space programs seem to be developing separately from European and American efforts in the 2020’s… it might actually happen that Federation doesn’t include any Indians and Chinese people because they have separate space programs and organizations. (Btw, if it is unclear, Star Trek does not have any serious characters of Chinese or Indian heritage–there ought to be at least 35%(and I hope I’m not being a racist but Malaysian, Indonesian, Pakistani heritage are not part of that 35%))

But let it be said that I can let myself believe these earthbound xenophobia has been solved in a fictional world–if only the producers of the fiction would let me.

The last few seasons of Discovery is FAMX 2 for me, skipping over many episodes, although individual episodes often are X1

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