einen Deutschen fräulein

That was probably the only upside to Jack Ryan season 2 on Amazon Prime.

The story seems so forced. Why did they even make this? There was no new cool tech. The methods to evil were conventional. The fights were predictable. The result was unbelievably simple. The dialog doesn’t all fit. Fat chick got ditched for a younger leaner one… I find it difficult to care about the elements of the show…

I see, so it seems the problem may be that the story and characters were developed since the 1980’s. Maybe that’s why the Ryanverse seems boring.

For me, season one was more interesting mainly due to its believability. I felt more absorbed into the story. Season two seems maybe too real but honestly, it might just be that our media trained us to care more about middle eastern terrorists than Latin American injustices. I don’t know.

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