I can do dystopian too

I was commenting to my Chinese national wife that her compadres on their beloved WeChat are a bunch of nationalized professional scam artist posting beautiful pictures of lives in the new and advanced China, and another clique that post every ill imaginable to man, from fake drug to fake news to… why don’t these Chinese people stand up for their human rights in addition to their national pride as a best-in-class country? Why don’t the Chinese people spend more time participating in their own democracy and minding the prosperity of all that’s under the heavens?!

But then I realized–digital social media indoctrination is the de facto means of propaganda for all governments in the world. This is the type of control mechanism that every government, every despot, has dreamed about. It was invented in America, but is adopted by the whole world. There are always two groups: the big bold beautiful people flaunting their happiness and successes, and the suffering who offer to share their hatred of something.

The utopia of internet where we are open and share bandwidth relying on every device to act fairly has been hijacked to perform mind controlling deeds of the oppressively rich and powerful to enslave the minds and hearts and eyeballs of the poor and helpless.

This isn’t fiction or outlook, it has already happened! We needn’t wait for realistic VR/AR devices, our brains have already been trained to want to consume these two types of information. There is an addiction to the flipping of pleasure and pain when exposed to this content, and somehow it is addictive.l eve on this tiny mobile phone screen.

What shall we do? Will humanity survive? How can it?

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