Free Play is all You Need

Little dragon really loved to play. His parents allows him to play both in the water and in the clouds. He loved belly flopping into the water making huge waves. He loved flying head first into a cloud and then summersaulting to break it into many small pieces. He does it 100 times a day because it was just so fun.

One decade, a town was experiencing terrible draught. No crop grew for many years. It became so dry that grass doesn’t even grow. The sheep and cows has nothing to eat and made no wool or milk. The town finally decided to send a brave young man to seek the help of a dragon. The young man braved the long travel to arrive at ocean’s edge and asked the ocean to bring a dragon king for him to speak to.

The ocean looked at the scrawny young man who came with no offerings, it looked at the young man’s small town with no temple to welcome dragon, and it looked at the small number of animals and people impacted by the draught, and the ocean said to the young man, “mmmmn, okay I’ll bring you a dragon.”

The ocean brought the little dragon who loved to play. The little dragon asked what the young man wanted. He explained that his people needs the dragon to produce rain for his town so that they don’t starve from the draught. The little dragon thought a little bit and said “okay, can you wait here for a moment?” And ran off with no explanation.

He got home and cried in nervousness to his father: “oh dad! I spent all my time playing when I should have been working on my dragon ways. I don’t know what to do when they need a real dragon.

“What do you mean?” Said his father, “you are a real dragon!”

Little dragon whimpered: “no I’m not big dragon, I’m just little dragon… all I know is how to play in the water…”

“O-M-G,” said his dad, “oh son, my poor boy, you are a real dragon. Your sneeze and tear is a huge storm for people. And if you don’t sneeze or cry when you need water, just play like you normally do, that’s rain for them too.”

“Oh!” Said the little dragon, wiping his tears, “oh…”

He went back to the little man, still tearing, and to his bewildered surprise, said, “okay, let’s go.”

The little dragon sneezed as soon as he got to the town, the draught has removed much of the nearby ground cover and huge dust storms were blowing. But the sneeze rain lasted a good six hours of rain.

“Oh no, it’s too much water! The land is not protected by vegetation, so the heavy rain is causing mudslides!” Yelled the young man, “can we take a break from this rain?”

“Sure, said the little dragon,” still sneezing and tearing. He looks around and find a a large dried lakebed. So he goes over and sheds the rest of his tear into the lake.”

After a few days, the land awakens from the rain, but the sun does not shine as brightly as it used to. Nearby factories have polluted the air so much that there is a constant smog looming over the town.

“Can you make that smog go away and rain again?” Asked the young man.

“Sure!” This time the little dragon knew just what to do. He flew into the smog, summersaulting 100 times, just as he did in play, and broke up the smog. The irritating acidic cloud made him cry more into the lake… the environment is so badly damaged, he thought, I’m going to have to do something about this, he thought to himself. Then he splashed and played in the lake he has created, and rained on the town again. The plants and livestock and people of the town was enlivened by the little dragons rain. They too came out side to play in the water.

The town was saved. The young man thanked the little dragon. On this day, the little dragon learned: All a real dragon need is play.

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