Asian Rachel Under-Sexualizes Asian Man

In Crazy Rich Asians, according to an article from Android News (the independent)…but it could still be a good exhibition of Chinese Central Kingdom mentality. It is inconceivable(to the author and viewers) that a non-Chinese women could possibly be attractive in all the Chinese ways… It’s not necessarily that Asian men doesn’t want or can’t “get” Scarlett Johansson, again using TFA’s example, it’s just that it’s out of the imagination for the moment, let’s say it with modern American modesty, due to “lack of cultural fit” (with said Chinese plot)

I think something may be lost from thought to text here…
And honestly, I really do wonder if that mental framing can shift, even to enjoy fictional situations.

I myself found myself sneering at the opening scene–that would never show well in London… No English man would ever believe that, preposterous! NATO would sooner bomb Singapore than to let that insult take place…

Sigh.. I’m so confused. What century is it. How do westerners really feel about the western power mid-Trump-administration? We kind of know how hillbillies and rednecks oughta feel, but do we really still feel that way? Do we want to feel that way?

Perhaps there is positive in all of this. It is a defining moment for the west as it is for the east. Let’s hope everyone come out on top of the heap that is earth.

((and okay, fine laugh at Chinese twigs having a mind for culture, hahaha))

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