PSA: time for Chinese to eat like Californians

To every Chinese-Asian buying up rice in terror, please try some other foods. Lentils, garbanzo, frijoles, basmati, potato’s, couscous, maiz, quinoa, Amaranth, etc…. anything other humans eat you can eat too. Most things taste just like rice when boiled in water:


There is absolutely no need to stress about lack of rice—you can go paleo or Atkins for a few days/weeks/months if other people can do it for years. Let’s not terrorize ourselves when there is no need to do so. That said, I did look and could not find any Chinese rice today. And everyone looked at me like I’m that idiot who didn’t follow the WeChat group that told every person when Costco restocked yesterday.

Seriously! I don’t know whether to regret even looking or regret not looking earlier. But hopefully my calm demeanor reassured everyone that I, and I alone, did not fear rice-starvation.

Really, I say this with all the love of one human to another, it’s okay!

Everything will be okay.



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