The Moral Win

You know, all you hackers and crackers, and breakers, whether you work for the government, a corporation, my parents, my wife or my kids. I will always win this one in my mind that you are crap of humanity when you take my personal information and reveal it to other people. You are all scum of the earth when you take what I intend to keep private to myself and present it to other people with or without my knowledge and consent. You can hack my bank account and all my brokerage accounts and all my social network accounts and maybe even my kids and other families online accounts. But you know you will always be wrong and evil and the worst humanity ever produced in my mind. I don’t care if all your people does it this way. Were it not wrong for me to do so, I would hate you with the fervor of religious zealots hating blasphemers, homosexuals and competing religions or believes. You should suffer the consequences of having categorically immoral behavior.

But hopefully you will choose to do otherwise in the future.

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