Designated Survivor s3e7

Agent Wells is gone. Since I just watched NCIS season 3, I wonder if this show is taking a play out of that very long running show–kill of important beautiful female characters in unexpectedly sudden and violet deaths. I’m still somewhat recovering from the horrific death of agent Todd…, and the horrific death of the Survivors First Lady in a fiery car accident, and now Wells goes down in a fog of nerve agent…. wow, what they’d do for ratings and longevity.

Anyways, FAMX 1.25X.

I can’t help but wonder, now back in “the reality” world, if all this Twitter+Tariff diplomacy are red hearings for some legal/political/international shuffling to get in front of CRISPR and AI? Mark my blog, when the dust settles, there will be some new solid laws/checks-and-balances to restrict those.

E7 1.35X

E8 1.3X

These tv shows are such caricatures. Moss had a base that would vote for him even if he paid for genocidal eugenic research, and then planned to carry out the sterilization of non-Zenitel people. I mean… is that what we think of America?… ouch.

White people should not be demonized for trying to keep their way of life. If they fear, it is only human. This type and polar caricature is very divisive and counterproductive IMHO. It provokes hate for white people.

Demonizing white people is so easy. I mean, look at my experience with a lot of kids classes. If I ask my child to work harder, I get glares and disapproving looks from white parents. The teachers will intentionally say extra words of “it’s okay, that’s great. Whatever you are and whatever you do, that’s great to me the teacher” to my child, somehow to undo a wrong I, am Asian parent, and I this particular parent, have done to her. The race based differential treatment is cultural. When everyone and every class does that, my efforts to raise my child into a happy successful person that I’m sure all parents want for their child. Sure, my experience may be unique since my neighboring city of Palo Alto had student suicide cluster numbering into teens per year for several years. But what was a really nice thing these white parents are trying to do–save my child from suicide–comes out as “we hate Asian parents, they are shitiest shits anyone ever laid their eyes on and should never ever be allowed to express any desire or give guidance to their children.” Really, that’s literally what I felt for many years. Even today, Asian parents would come to me and say “oh, I just want the most menial job for my children, as long as they can stay afloat, that’s great!” That’s one Asian parent with battered and destroyed soul. I can’t know what condition my child-rearing soul is in, but I venture that it isn’t that far from her’s today.

And it’s all because of white people’s cultural attack on us.

Don’t believe me? Look at what Harvard does in its admission process. Asians just does have that mojolicious vibe that other races have. White people who has power will want to keep it, just like Moss’s Republican Party in DS.

But of course, all this can also be viewed as: there are just more talented parents than myself. There are still a lot really successful minorities here. Demonizing white Americans in the mind is easy, undemonizing them is a different story.

E9 2X

E10 1.875X

So many spy shows on TV, hacks, Virus and trojan, that snooping on phone seems like normal play in politics. But it turns out that there are laws protecting presidential candidates from domestic espionage… Their ability to keep secret/private some information seems an important component of our democracy. So strong these laws are that they can cause impeachment of president, Nixon for example. (Incidentally, it seems human reproductive success/rate/pattern is considered vital to a functioning democracy by this show. This is refreshing, but it kind of exposes the likes of AAPL, GOOG, FB, SNAP, MTCH, eHarmony, etc., for anti-American activity in arranging socialization and eventual reproductions…) I wonder if we can find a foundation for privacy preservation on its function as part of our democratic process. This has the advantage of having existing precedence and also not requiring consensus as to the privacy human right.

Season 4: Impeachment. Great.

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