That Stings!

Yesterday, I wrote to my dad to explain to him that two and half years of iPhone malfunction maybe a combination of Apple’s software update to save battery, effectively slowing the phones down. I also hypothesized that the stingrays may have been in use, well, because he is Chinese, and we know what Americans think of Chinese immigrants, even if they live and work here for over three decades nonstop.

Today, I went to the postoffice to file a complaint about non-delivery of a package returning a pair of Nvidia RTX 2080 TiFE. After I raised my voice and said “I will file a claim with my bank because you charged my credit card and failed to provide the delivery service.” My cell phone lost data service. I can still make phone calls, but clearly it was no longer sending or receiving data. Then I noticed this bald man with dark skin standing behind the person acting to be a manager.

A slew of “training” suddenly kicked in she repeated technicalities, and said, it’s Christmas time, and we deliver a lot of packages. I repeated my demand, that she explain the failure of her service or refund me the money. She confers with the bald man, and comes back, now acting quite powerless “I asked the manager,” she said, “they said no.”

The man starting at me from behind the counter continue to do so.

My phone still has no data.

And I wonder, again, what amount of freedom do agents of American law enforcement and clandestined service have? Like, why would they shut off my data? (It made it impossible to occupy the parking spot and search for the credit card claims line phone number) But doesn’t that violate the FCC rules against interference with domestic civilian communications? (They’re in kahoots with each other, the FCC probably owes a lot of favors to law enforcement) doesn’t the USPS care that a customer was not satisfied? (No, she showed no remorse for not delivering the package or for not being able to give me information on it. Looks like she had to deal with this regularly) Doesn’t USPS worry about losing money? (No, haha, is that a joke? It’s not like I have a choice on how much income tax I pay to the federal government or how much of that I’d allocated to the USPS, there’s not a thing about me in the world that would motivate the USPS to provide decent service) Wait, are you paying for the Stingrays? (Afaik that comes from tax payers like me, right?) Oh man, my butt is dumb and needs a good kicking, can I pay you to do it? (You already did)

Anyways. All these secret stuff… All these people never or not any longer able or caring about non-secret stuff(like delivering packages). It’s so bad. This land is growing into a place having no human understandable values, laws or practices that live up to the ideals America was founded on.

The worst thing here, is that this use of advanced technology to interfere with my data service was actually probably not necessary. It was quite possible that NVIDIA’s return label, like their Linux kernel that seg-faulted into my syslog, had a bug. I recall some three weeks ago patiently waiting for the clerk to complete the shipping process. She somehow could not find the city on the mailing label associated with the zipcode. 55038 is Hugo, MN not Lino Lake.

But ultimately the clerk accepted the package saying the zipcode is sufficient. If only USPS provided basic service of looking up a customer by ID to find their packages. One expects almost all businesses to render such a service, except for the USPS.

And plus, get this, her failure to perform is not any worse than the service rep at NVIDIA who refused to read the seg-fault or the mysterious numerical code their software driver produced on a fully supported distro. NVIDIA allowed a return, albeit to an address that confuses shipping company’s computers. So, in theory, I am no angrier with USPS acting manager than with NVIDIA’s support. I don’t think my cellphone data flow should have been interrupted. I don’t think a non-performing government organization should leverage another government agency to cover up the failures. If according to your training or procedure, I should be targeted, then Sir or Ma’am, those training and procedures are wrong. I am not hostile and I am not a danger to society. If anything my demand for better service at the USPS, when satisfied, may make a kinder and safer world because people will be happier, because the workers of USPS will feel much more fulfilled having performed a truly great service. Subduing my complaint may be cheap and efficient, but it is not right.

I very annoyed and $2500 short. Will definitely not use USPS again for things I care about arriving. Will choose another vendor for compute as well if I have he hoice. This is absurd.

P.s. I won’t go into how I recovered my data service. You know… Just in case these stingray users actually render some bits of useful service to America. Maybe my sufferings facilitate happiness and peace for others.

P.p.s. there are also these police fund nonprofits. Their fund raising calls are preceded immediately by a disruption of data service. This ctually appended to mr on several occasions over everal years. I mean I do not want to cast aspersions on the upright law enforcement service men, but either you are doing it or someone else did it, but either way, you are kind of at fault. This system to mess with us should either not exist, or exist but not be used to help a non-profit to raise fund. And if some third party gain access to this special ability, tsay to try to discredit you, then certainly, at least I feel, that should be against the law, right? And law enforcement fails again.

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