Whitewashing of Fictional Future’s Past

Just noticed that Benedict Cumberbatch, English-as-they-get dude, was castes to play a character named Khan Noonien Singh in Star Trek. Did anybody notice that this clearly Asian/genetically-engineered character should have been at least portrayed by an Asian actor? Preferably also genetically engineered… , but he'd never publicly admit that in today's USA for fear of persecution–and, btw, I support careful cataloging and controlling of mutants, don't get me wrong there…

Like what if they start breeding telekinetic AIDS… think about all that latex and animal skin these people surround themselves with, there's a good reason for that!


I call for an end to WHITEWASHING at least in circumstances where minority, is competent, and conveniently fits the role.

By the time this posts… I will surely have bought and watched Discovery Trek..

I still think it will ruin Trek for me. On a different level. Despite the casting of minority leads in leading heroic roles, it is really after more than 50 years later and still will definitely not be good enough. In fiction, as in life, generations of something bad leaves a very heavy mark… not easily filled with a little bit of something. And if the show fails… well that proves it, either minority can't act or Americans just don't want to watch minorities strutting their stuff. Either way, as mentioned numerous times here, I do not see a way for this to end well for anybody.

But, applause, blog exposure,and payment nonetheless, for trying. Thanks guys! That really means something to me, personally. Perhaps with this kind of effort we'll be some where in the 23rd century…

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