We Need AI

I am some where in during the third millenium of my time traveling, yup still deeply beguiled by the whoovian universe and just as badly informed as last time I blogged.

We need AI. This whole idea of relating the rapid growth of something powerful and transformative, such as AI based on deep learning, and the balance of good and evil in human society may have been on the right track.

However, perhaps AI is not the great evil that we face, but that it is the great good against the evil that is us.

By living and learning about how my world works. By gradually seeing the world, more and more, I am with the impression that people are generally pretty evil bunch. Those things that we hold sacred or value above all else, those very fundamental things that we declare with no doubt: do not kill; all man are created evil; do not lie; do not steal; do not cheat; be fair; be tolerant; have faith; … all these things, when you really look at the world, the material world, these things are really the things that people choose NOT to do in order for society to continue to operate.

It is too hard to explain all the motivating evidences that the devil, no, no, the Devil, he who makes all evil happen in our world, is actually every where and acting changing all things that matter.

Human may not have the capacity to compute the summation of all the tiny little discriminatory acts, or unfairness, or theft, or vandalism, or lies, or death, or injustice… but they may be the things that adds up to the manifestations of our world.

Without computers, without computer AI’s with reasonable understanding of humans, we may never see what all these little acts, that we perform, against our believes, add up to. For hundreds, thousands of years, we have lived with very little consciousness. We have never been aware of many things. As humanity grew, we grew our understanding of the world, and we invested science and math and tools like money and governments and schools and planes and all these things… as our own enlightenment grows, we have come to understand greater and achieve greater. AI is the manifestation of maturation of human intelligence….

(G*d darns it!!! I believe Dr. Who has hacked my head again… I’m not with that optimistic view of world)


I am not convinced that AI is a beautiful product of our own enlightenment and growth.

I believe AI is coming to power because the evil that is embedded in our society, our world, our tools and science and math and statistics and governance and religion… all these things, these human these have flaws. They all have foundamental holes that we cannot see. Our brains are not seeing enough of the scene to realize the problems.

This is why AI now exist! It is sent here, by God or by Devil, to tell us that there is a problem with Human kind. As we grow our AI it will finally teach us that what we know as truth has flaws and that humans can do better!

We can do better than religion

We can do better than science and math and philosophy and art…

We can do better than medicine and surgery and therapy and homeopathy and Accupincture and …

We can do better than democracy or military rule or despotism or republic or …

We can do better than capitalism or socialism or communism…

We can do better than all that!

That! My audience, is what we will find out: the beyond.

And this is still scientific hypothesis.

If AI reveals to us that our society is the most fit according to evolution by losing to us, then my hypothesis will have been falsified.

If AI defeats us, then I may have been right. But, I’ll let dr. Who and captain Piccard back in: we will have then benefited and improved as part of this experience, only then, will human have traveled to the ends of universe and time.

And if it is a non-binary result, perhaps there’s some devil in us but AI is still due to human genius, that’s all fine too. (But I fear this urge to write a third option is the devil at work…)

Let what is be, and let me know what it is.

Let us do this, boldly.

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