Weekend Grabbag

Going to write down some random thoughts on a weekend night.
Watched a few episodes of Quantico S2. Searched, as many new fans would do, Priyanka Chopra. There is one matter that I am having trouble resolving which is that she looks so normal and pretty in the cover for Quantico, but her appearances on google image search dressed in Indian costumes are far from attractive to my eye… Like “not leading lady material” comes to mind. Is it a case of genius of Hollywood recruits a real beauty hidden in cinder dust? Is it a case of highly warped sense of aestheticism from watching too much American media? Is it a case of rebirth and transformation? Or is it a case of all of these things ? I don’t know. But she looks completely different, and not Indian mind you, I kept on thinking Latin-American… It’s like a explosion of sexy confined inside a white porcelain Barbie.

On to more pressing matter, why are we all the sudden afraid of AI? Why are the rich and powerful afraid of AI? They are the people who have the resource to even make these things!

Why are we afraid of pervasive monitoring of our communications and physical acts? Why does it annoy me to think that all streets will be recorded some time in the future?

In watching the finale of the Hunger Game movie series I finally get a glimpse of what it feels like: Snow finds them in the sewers because of street cameras. They get attacked in total darkness by these most horrifying genetically modified creatures called Mutts. Much of the human force dies horrifically painful deaths being ripped apart by these gigantic humanoid creatures. The other half runs away scared poopless…

THAT, is what can happen when you put cameras on every street!(and do AI and do genetic engineering)

Pervasive deployment of monitoring technology makes life harder when a malevolent dictator takes charge. Yes technologies can be misused, just like the nuclear bomb. I guess the argument defeating this thought is that hopefully we are working hard to prevent human dictators from coming into power this way.

Why would perfectly sane people write an AI so powerful that it could have any chance of beating another human ? Well, some do it for fun. Some do it for the thrill of tech. probably some will do it out of genuine desire to defeat a person, and for all that he stands? If he is hitler then it would because he is evil. If he is not evil then there should not be enough motivation to create a singularly dangerous atomic bomb.

IMHO, there doesn’t seem to be enough power to create that kind of singularity in AI. I’m sure counter examples for this will flood in soon, but every action must be preceded by an equal and opposite pre-effort. So unless you are aware of your own great evil, you should not fear an all powerful AI whose aim is to take you down.

Do you believe?

Do you have faith?

Do you have fear?

Do you have evil?

Got evil? It makes AI good!

What may still happen is the creation of a hyper competitive earth. Every cent is computed on and optimized. Every action every speech every decision is thoroughly thought through. Every adversary is modeled and simulated. My arriving at BART station will be timed so that I have highest chance of grabbing a seat. My ability to do so may be either due to me buying a more powerful app that’s smarter than your app. Or it may be that my cell phone has faster CPU and was able to perform more simulations and figure out a better door to enter the station at. It maybe that my cellphone has a more powerful antennae that it negotiated my sitting there with that chair on that BART train before your phone event got in range! It might be that  my body was better trained for squeezing past you to the seat because my cloud computer thought of this day and worked the necessary exercises into my workout routine. Maybe because I bought an extra app that found the best way to even get me to the gym.

That’s surely to happen! I get a seat for 20 minutes on BART and you have to stand because I invested in my Computes and you didn’t! I know this is to happen because I sense the all-pervasive pre-effort. It surrounds us like air. It clings to us and penetrates us! It sucks us in just as we suck air in!

You cannot escape it. Because you! must! take public transit! to get to work!

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