Japanese War Criminals

There are some Japanese war criminals…

I just read this article by the CS monitor on Japanese prime minister sending gifts to war criminals enshrined as heros in Japan.

This is the first time that I’ve read an English explanation of all this hoopla is about. The Chinese and Korean are not happy about this act which seem to celebrate committing war crimes.

The article, if you read through, you will find that it praises Shinzo Abe’s desire to make serious changes to the country by reviving it’s military. It explains that those in power in Japan believe that there are “two sides” to the story of Japanese invasion.

Anyway, this is kind of silly. I can totally imagine myself as a the modern day skinheads that run out on to the football fields and salutes Hitler saying the same thing about “two sides”. Those thugs are taken away by police very quickly, though, and not elected as government leadership under popular vote.

The really sad part is that in reality, I think much of Asia wants Japan to have it’s own military and act out these aggressions. War is a much cheaper solution than a long lasting mudsling. I think Korea and China will win an actual military fight in Asia against Japan even if US steps in, which is a better outcome than for them to lose this pathetic political battle in the United States for another century or two.

I mean, I have faith in the American way and all, and I certainly believe in Chinese Ancient wisdom and the Chinese civilization. But the structure of this power struggle and what it has forced people into is just wholly unwholesome. Adding to the fray is the fact that as a Chinese American I suffer as a Chinese among native Americans and I suffer as an American among Chinese.

And if Chinese and Korean lose to Japan? It may happen, since Japanese are more willing to sacrifice the individual through kamikaze attacks. It would be a real tragedy. But it would have allowed the Japanese people to prove once for all that they are the superior race. The world is what it is, and what’s meant to be, whether we believe it, should be.

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