The exclusivity of facebook

So I just watched “The Social Network” again. It seems that exclusivity is one of the key things of these social groups before they gain traction. I wonder if there are other exclusive groups in the world other than private schools and universities.

(Certainly I realize that having an university email address is a filter for minimal level of education, but what else could we have?)
  • Money: only people who can afford to pay $500k a month can join the club.
  • Prestige: Only people who are willing to enter the prizes, trophies, and awards that they have received are allowed to join. (Looking for nobel laureates under 60)
  • Political affiliation:, or republican under 30, or democrats over 5…,;
  • Large corporation: (only current, former, and aspiring GM employees)
  • Power:; only E-level officers of companies with > $1billion annual revenue may join.
  • Physical:; yuck, kinda gay too; how’bout; sigh… the noise made by the vacuum of creativity here is astoundingly deafening.
  • Mental:; only people who can bend air like that jedi lama may join and seek others of the same persuasion.
  • Moral stance:;
anyhoo… One of this will probly make somebody money… The reasoning is this: Because these people are extremists who will take every thing to the extreme, and certainly therein lay the money.
Okay, and I’m an extremist in my opinion about these, but… alas, everybody has his own mould right?

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