the negative sum game

Hmm, so I recently realized that I’ve been fairly silly in asking my neighbors how to stop cats from pissing and pooping in my front and backyard.

Yes, it’s 21st century, and I live 5 minutes from downtown, but people cannot be made to train their dogs and cats to use a litter box. Reasoning with the pet owners has yielded nothing.
So, here is the problem. If I ask my neighbors how to prevent cats from coming to my yard to shit and poop, what in the whole wide world would make them tell me the most effective method for chasing cats away?
Because there is a non-trivially positive but finite amount of poo these cats and dogs can produce on a regular basis. Since the dogs and cats don’t come every day, it would make sense that they are doing it else where when the poo didn’t land on my lawn. So a reduction of poo and piss on my lawn is an increase on theirs.
So….., I actually asked,…, and the answer was a bunch of really good suggestions about how to clean the poop up after the fact…
How dumb was that…
Thus, I seem to be stuck in a negative-sum-game, where somebody has to lose and asking other people how they are winning is hopelessly useless.
But I will tell you the answer: Cactus! Plant lots of cactus, sure it’ll hurt you when you trip and fall on it or when you garden around them, but just think of all the poo and piss that you won’t be seeing. But the down side is that there is a chance that they’ll do their business right on top of it, in which case you’ll have a stinky and prickly situation at hand.
sigh… I guess I’m misleading you too, huh. sigh… gotta play that darn game.

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