I don’t have a $%#ing compromised immune system

Future employers, please don’t read titles on my blog and decide not to hire me. I know you cant say to me “I don’t want you because you are HIV positive”, but to be certain


Please do not discriminate against me for something that I’m not. You will be missing out on a really great guy who might help you to build you a successful team!

After I posted that entry a couple of months ago, I got laid off from my former employer for completely unclear reason. (Officially the company could not afford us, and laid off a lot of people), but we all knew that the company was doing really well. I really hope all those co-workers didn’t get laid off because the company felt that they needed to make up a reason to let me go.

I mean, I can completely understand all of you. I would probably try to get rid of someone underhandedly if I found out he had bed bugs, much less AIDS, but I want all my friends, family, and potential coworkers to know:


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