Documentaries and Boardwalk Empire

I just watched the premier of HBO’s new series Boardwalk Empire(Wiki). The first episode was directed by Martin Scorsese.

I enjoyed watching it. However, I’m trying to come to terms with the drama, the history of the 1920’s America, and Big Business. The show masterfully puts us in the right mood with Enoch speaking at a women’s temperance movement. He speaks for universal suffrage, as any sane politician would do in a room full of women just around the time when women gained the right to vote. In matter of minutes, the audience is completely enveloped in the period, the sounds, the smells, and the taste of alcohol, the politics, the money, and the crime. Gotta hand it to martin Scorsese, master film maker, awesome show!! Oh, and the Italian mobster, the

However, entering into this show, I had just watched a documentary called The End of America hosted by Naomi Wolf, author of a book by the same name. For a moment, I won’t talk about all the parallels she draw between post-911-USA and the Nazi’s (the Swarzwasser private police force and the modern day Black Water), and I won’t think about how the guy who had business rights to the world trade center was(and still is) a Jewish person(Larry Silverstein). It all suddenly seem to me that 911 is mostly a war to destroy Jewish properties; and as a second purpose to enforce a police state, justify secret and illegal spying on citizens;and as a third reason to play out all kinds of sex-kinked tortures; and lastly a white-dominance thing…

But most importantly, from the documentaries, I learned that there is the possibility that the prohibition, was put in place not for practical/moral/ethical/social reasons, but for the exclusive purpose of forcing people to use Gasoline. The wiki entry for John D. Rockefeller does not mention the prohibition. But apparently Ford (the founder of Ford) had decided to make his cars(Model A,T) operate both on gasoline AND alcohol. For Ford, this technological feature was something that was very useful at the time. Farmers can pull up to any farm and ask for some home distilled alcohol and the car would run. For Standard Oil it would mean the end of lucrative business, Rockefeller’s oil company lobbied to pass prohibition laws, and that’s where Al Capon makes his cameo in Boardwalk Empire…

The prohibition ended, in fact, the very year after Henry Ford gave up and stopped making his cars compatible with alcohol. Coincidence?? I think not!!

So what?! you say, what does it matter that these dead people did some lobbying to get their ways?

Well, it puts things in perspective… It also makes a manufactured 911 much more believable. If Rockefeller could pass a law in a democratic country full of the freest people in the world so that they can’t drink any more, I can imagine those people jumping from the world trade centers volunteering to be victims. This must be the power of… no, not power of the devil, the power of money at work!

And knowing that Ford was an innovator who gained money by building technologically superior quality products and not through entirely selfish politicking, I feel very proud to be driving a Ford to work tomorrow morning!! Designed and built in America by Americans!

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