National Discrimination

I don’t pretend to understand international politics, but when I look at statistics table like the one below from The DHS:

But how do we justify that the ratio of Asian Indian naturalized into the US is somewhere between 1.7 and 1.3 times the number of Chinese from PRC naturalized into the US?

1.7 times is almost twice the number. Consider a simple calculation. suppose that X is the percentage of world’s population that the US would like to have as it’s citizens. Would X * 1.1e9 be less than X * 1.3e9? Instead of being almost twice as much?

What the heck am I missing here? As dutiful citizen of the US, I’d like to point out that we might be making a serious mistake here not sampling fairly from the world’s population!!

Take a look at this stats table:

Note that the ratio goes the other way. The legal immigration of Chinese Permanent Residents exceeds that of India to the ratio of 1.4 times as much. So why is it that only 40% of PR of Chinese origin choose to become Americans and as much as 77% of Indian origin choose to be come Americans?

Dare I suggest that Chinese are not as competitive? Less adaptive to the Culture of the United States? Too loyal to their indoctrination from Communist upbringing?

What could possibly be the reason why this is  happening? Well, perhaps this may shed more light on the subject. The number of newly issued visas by country breaks down as follows:

So, according to this table, the US actually imports 3 times as many Chinese people to work in the US as the number of Indians recruited. However, Indians were more able to bring their relatives into the US by Immediate or family preference Visa’s. So it would appear that Chinese people are being brought over as labor for the American economy and the Indians are just bringing their families over to live.

It seems that China contribute more to the American Economy than India, but India contribute more to the USA by way of culture (Slumdog), population, and of course consumers.

Overall, I think Indians have a better strategy than Chinese. Slaves and Laborers  are really not part of the population until they rebel and live up to human level of quality in life. Then they can even begin to be part of the society.

Sigh, the ever suffering Chinese…

2 thoughts on “National Discrimination

  1. This is an interesting discussion. Have you ever thought about looking at the problem in terms of imperial strategies?

    Suppose both India and China are out to concur the world, and, suppose further, that they want to concur it culturally and economically instead of militarily. What is the best approach for them to do this under the USA immigration system?

    Several approaches come to mind:

    * Take control and dominate key capacities required to sustain society(Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers and Scientists) This will ascertain that society cannot kill of subjects of your empire without losing something valuable.
    * Take control of non-essential but highly influencial capacities: Politicians and Entertainers. This will ensure that you can influence the minds of the masses to love the subjects of your empire.
    * Increase population of your empire. And this can be done one of two ways.

    ** One way to increase the population is to have lots of kids. On average, if each traditional heterosexual family has two children, then the population will be kept at status quo, and if they have more than three children then that family contributes to the growth of the population of the empire.
    ** Second way is to manufacture babies. This is how the US has in the past gained it's population.

    The advantage of first way is that the natural born citizens have natural rights and have more say in the political system. This way of increasing population also allow for the accrual of familial wealth.

    The advantage of second way is that it allows for selection of your population. As grown immigrants, the US, and the empire can both control what kind of population is growing in the US. Smarter people? Dumber people? taller people? shorter people? Homosexuals? Heterosexuals? all female? all male? It can select for intelligence and technical expertise.

    To all appearances, it is to the advantage of the US as a nation to only recruit the smartest, most capable, and most socially integrable members. (Though it does detract from the natural born citizens' employment rate)

    To the concurring empires, it may serve the locals of the empire well by recruiting only key missing pieces from it's parent country and fill the remaining space with very bad people.

    These very bad people of the empire will come the the United States and sabotage, and murder, and steal, and influence the general population to do bad things. This way capable members of it's own empire can take the opportunity to advance.

    So, as it is commonly known, the people who come to the US are usually either the most excellent, or, to put it in the words of a hero:

    “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”

  2. Don't you think the white people have anticipated that? I mean after all white people control immigration. They would have total control in the selection of which person from which empire is recruited for what purposes.

    Do you seriously think Obama is the president of the United States of America? He's but a puppet!

    I mean seriously, which of any of the really famous minorities, those whose fame does not come from opposing white people, dare to say in public a single thing about white people's failures as a skin color?

    Freedom and Liberty my ass!!!!!

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