Karate Kid!!!

Yeah!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Obnoxious thoughts:

Once again, it takes a Chinese girl to prove that it doesn’t take D cups and large hips to be sexy and absolutely doable!!! I mean, gosh! she doesn’t even have a pretty face, and yet, man… so hot!!

Did the lead bully speak and act a lot like Jet Li? Is this like an insult from Jackie Chan? haha

Jakie says: “Everything good about me started here…”

Dre’s good. Somewhere, I read that people thought he doesn’t resemble his dad… I have to agree. But there’re a lot of mannerism that only Will Smith could pass on.

Personally, I think the movie did too much…. Introducing modern China will take like several decades of movies like this, and then it moves on to introductory Kungfu by Jackie Chan, who obviously wants to showcase the philosophy of Chinese and history and qi and iq and and and and and and…. Sigh, alas, their film skills are not up to par with Jackie Chan’s kungfu moves….

Great attempt, but I would like to see inter-cultural movies like this go back to taking the jacket off, and putting the jacket on.

Having said that. DAMN!!! I guess it takes a single black mom to goto China in series style! I feel that she must be one of the most believable character… Damn! I’ve never seen a black women in a qipao, but damn!

Man, Meiying dancing to lady-gaga is so, err,, what’s the expression, makes people randy.

But admittedly, Dre saying that “meiying should start a band/dancing group” is like him wining a Chinese Kungfu tournament. really? somehow, I don’t see him saying this earnestly and convincingly, just as much as the bullies don’t want him to win the tourney, EVEN tho that is the story.

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