The 6-2-10 system, part II

Okay, I’ve had a chance to discuss this with a kindred spirit mate of mine. So, there are some concerns:

Q: what happens to families in this system?
A: Well, the plan is to have the families belong to the same day-cycle. If dad goes to work 6-2, then the plan is for the wife to go to work 6-2 and for the child to go to school 6-2. The schools will multiplex between the shifts. And in fact, this is a most important feature of the 10-2-6 system. It is precisely because the schools are shared between two or three shifts that we can increase throughput of society. The school building is a limiting resource. We save money/resource by building one building and service twice or three times as many students as the 9-5 system can do in the same building.

Another important feature of the 6-2-10 system is enlightened by this question is that in the 6-2-10 system we penalize over-time. The company (and possibly each worker who consume multiplexed resource) is charged for overtime. This is necessary to keep spaces and other resources maximally available for the people who have reserved that space or resource for their shift.

If I’m in the 6-2 shift, I am incentivized to leave work at 2pm. If I don’t, both my company and my income may be charged. Company and work culture will change to allocate resource and plan work in such a way that it does not exceed the time allotted. This incentive means people will be more strict with their work time and will be able to spend the extra time with their family.

Q: How to you incentivize the system?
A: Agreed, this is a tough problem. we are in a predominantly 9-5 system. How do we migrate into a 6-2-10 system? Well, because we have doubled the throughput of society, we can actually afford to give an extra weekend day. Three day weekend for all in the system.

To maximize the utility of the space, we may want to shift the weekend days by enforcing a phased weekend.

Fri., Sat., Sun. is weekend
Sat., Sun., Mon. is weekend

This setup allows family to share Sat. and Sun., but adds an extra day (unshared if desired) so that the additional free time can be spent alone or with family.

Q: Can I work two shifts to make more money?
A: If you or your company finds that this is worth the money then yes. Since we charge for space and other shared resources, you would only do this if you can guarantee high work efficiency for the entire shifts.

Q: Doesn’t some big companies already use this?
A: Yeah, manufacturing companies does this. The “sweat shops” in China does. Actually their state run companies also does. Iron smelting, oil refineries, pilots and flight attendents, Taxi drivers,…, many industries already apply similar system, though not as thorough and systematic as what I’m proposing here.

Also, the navies of the world probably operate on shifts. This is also likely the inspiration for the shift system on the Starship Enterprise…

Q: How do you say 6-2-10?
A:The two system sounds alike some people work “9 to 5” while others work the “6 2 10”. Morning shift, Afternoon shift and the graveyard shift.

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