Falling asleep

I frequently fall asleep in movie theatres among the times that I watch movies there.

I hope these are due to some psychological disorder that I have and not due secret agents knocking me out with chemicals or other mechanisms. Some times I just dont comprehend it. I can pinch myself and hold my head up and breath really hard and drink water but I just could not keep myself awake… I have to think why this is happening to me when I visit public venues?

My best guess today are either there is some kind of synthnol–no smell, no hangover, but instant drunkardness when sprayed. Skin or eye absorbs it (or it was applied to the seats before I arrived)

Another possibility is the sonic screw driver. One gets screwed by some thing hat affects the aural cavity that knocks the person out.

It’s not EM imho, but I could be wrong. I just need to figure out a defense against these dark arts, so I can enjoy my God given right to watch these movies…….

Could be hypnotizing message in the movie? It happens probably by section/chapter 2-3 of each movie, within 10 minutes my head is slumped down… sigh

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