Why we exercise (not for kids please)

This is not for kids to read, another warning.

There is a bit of work obsession that American have with anal sex. Like, what’s with it? Why would any sane person want to engage in any activity near the exhaust port?

Speaking from the anus being used. It seems that perhaps human experience some amount of pleasure from excreting waste. If it wasn’t pleasurable we may avoid it entirely. One could almost imagine that there is some exit-bonus, speaking in modern HR euphemisms, that we are rewarded for excreting. Larger amounts, larger volumes, larger chunks, although unpleasant at some point, seems to result in relief, comfort and joy when they drop.

One wonders if this rewarding pleasure sensation is built into a healthy human being that it is necessary for a fully happy person. You have to eat large meals some times and you have to risk eating some hard to digest foods, oily foods, some times, that the stool they produce, can then cause said requisite pleasure.

Without it, we feel incomplete.

Now, due to modernization of our world, including extreme approaches to healthy diets. We always have well processed, easy-to-digest food. We have the luxury of eating and drinking enough to produce stools of consistent consistency.

We lose that sporadic experience and perhaps that’s why some people yearns for passage of objects through the anus rectum into or from the bowels.

There might be other organs involved as well, since it’s so close to sexual devices.

So what does this have to do with any thing?

Well, one question comes to mind is

Whether the practice of tricking the body into believing it is disposing of the remains of nutrition carcass to feel pleasure is healthy and psychologically good for us?

Another question is can it be proven? Can the creation of the pleasure response and it’s effect on humanity be proven some how? Can it be linked to our survival?

Once we can establish it’s necessity and side effects, we can decide if it can it be prescribed like exercise? Perhaps to combat depression?

The better scientific understanding of this pleasure built into human being can give us improved understanding of our laws, our religious believes, and the full history of the act in society.

Lastly, it gets the question how does the human and learn? This pleasure response is pretty far removed from the origination of the consumption producing the excrement. What kind of learning system can be motivated to eat from a pleasure sensation eight or more hours later? And frankly, the really stimulating ones may take far more than the 8-hour scenic tour normal meals take. That is not to mention that the stimulus down below is physically far from the response up top. But I would be reminded if I didn’t add that there is significant regularization to this by way of olfactory feedback. But that feedback is amiss during artificial anal stimulation. Seems equally plausible that the pleasure helps to overcome the discomfort of discharging waste. In that case, it actually is temporally very close to the activity it encourages.


From Hillsdale Mall to the Atlas

I wanted to write something to complain about San Mateo’s Hillsdale Mall opening a renovated food court with 4 Japanese restaurants out of the 7 establishments there, 5 Japanese restaurant in a mall totalling 10 restaurants.

What happened?

Did Uniqlo buy the mall?

But then I got thinking, this is America, and some non-trivial group of people decided to depend a non-trivial amount of money on this project. It must have been worthwhile. Culturally, Japan and Korea have enjoyed much more publicity, acceptance and commercial success in America than Chinese. Which is okay, no matter how you slice and dice it, Americans find Japanese and Korean culture and products more alluring than those of Chinese. And if Chinese people feel Japanese culture is a thickly veiled but shallow copy of it’s own, and that Koreans’ are not far behind in their admiration, that’s all good. What American like is distilled and westernized version, and that may actually be quite rational and effective. Why dig through thousands of years of history when you can have the pretty and the useful in another culture? I feel I’ve come to accept this fate for Chinese culture in America. And the Chinese don’t need Americans cultural admiration anyways. It’s okay if all he Chinese restaurants in America suddenly vanished, it won’t be missed like sushi, when suffering same fate, will be after a few generations. That’s just where human nature led us, and let’s not fight it.

But a little bit more diversity might be nice, immho.

While watching Ready Player One reinvigorated me briefly last night to the miracles in American creativity, I am drawn back to the gloom news of escalating real, non-cultural, non-entertainment, non-culinary, conflict where by Canada arrests Huawei’s CFO for essentially aiding terrorists against America.

Huawei makes phones that compete with Apple and Android. (They pretend to compete, and has the sales volume on paper, but really, I’ve very rarely seen anyone use one.) It’s certainly possible that it inadvertently supplied terrorist with devices that dramatically increased their terrorizing effectiveness. But honestly, if it is one of the world’s largest phone makers and exporters… Aren’t there a lot of other normal people who uses their phones? Could American and Canadian actions be like all the non-galtian politicians of The Atlas Shrugged, they use ideologies and FUD to maintain their own control–at the cost of global stability and quality of life of all they government, and maybe even at cost of fundamental human rights?

The lack of clarity in fact the lack of evidence of effectiveness of the American government is concerning. I mean, I half expect, mostly joking to myself, this is just a ploy to keep the Fed rate down in December.

The American government distrusts itself. During the Kavanaugh confirmation, we saw senators arguing about whether or not to use FBI reports, and using decade old quotes to imply that the FBI is useless. Like… What the fuck is wrong with this government? I don’t understand, shouldn’t it at least pretend that all it’s parts are functional?

It is, therefore unclear, who in the government trusts whom, (major branches, like CIA reports, apparently being ignored.)

Now, I am of course perpetually mindful of media manipulation, and that much of these may be quotation out of context reported to create an irresponsible looking Republican government. I feel perhaps at least 35% of that. But, Republicans are Republicans, and president Trump is Trump.

But as a citizen, I wish there were some more clear communication regarding what’s real and what’s not. I mean, what’s happening isn’t far from that Atlas Shrugged movie (it has like the least stars of all movies but some how being promoted on Amazon Prime right now. Maybe a lot of people watching what I watch also watched all three movies in the series.), with slightly different dominating political ideology and political mechanisms… That’s a stretch, I know… The main difference is that some one or more very powerful bodies are really lying and doing something at cost to the individual peoples for their own political gain, blatantly.

Okay, okay, I know, I know, I must be feeling like Sherlock Holmes here. How do we go forth in this land, governed as such? In a world, as it is?

PS disclaimer, I am not a terrorist. I neither state nor imply the preferred means of change. Like I wouldn’t want to stop the engines of the world. Or even stop any functioning engines of the world… Well maybe polluting ones, with planned deprecation. But this is getting a little bit too absurd, isn’t it? The suspense is killing. What will China do to retaliate? More worryingly, what if Xi and Trump are actually in bed together every night via an intercontinental hyperloop that they secretly installed, for good sakes. The pillars of the world are crumbling… So very depressingly…

I see why the Atlas shrugged now. It doesn’t know the answer. Do you? <shrug /> I sure as heck don’t.

Congress, Meet De Morgan

Reading this hillarious article, another article, about the Volcker rule possibly does not restrict banks as intended due to the misuse of double negative. The artifcat is well known in logic of Computer Scientists, mathematicians and philosophers. The name I learned of it by was De Morgan’s rule.

Now, I could rant about how I called for more CS majors to go into politics instead of complaining about Trump’s presidency because the government really do need people who can think straight and have practice in highly complex systems.

But really, I think I heard it in highschool math class… So… Those C’s on politician’s tests actually have a practical impact on their performance of governmental duties?? Wow!! I am shocked.

SERIOUSLY, I really really didn’t think governing needs math. I feel that way mostly because the leaders I see and he successes they experience. Didn’t ever look like honesty, and academic performance, and other very Asian values that I have, was really that useful. My conclusion was, don’t do that if you want to keep your values, they’re still great and I am still great, we have our separate peaces. But I am shocked awake!

But even more honestly, I can say that having read a different section of common law recently, I think the “coding convention” of law is… not ideal…. It’s not just this major banking law. These referential links are common in The US Code. Partial inclusion of another section, like “we apply sections I.ii.A of blah blah blah, but not parts e and f” are common. You know e and f are subsections of I.ii.A due to capitalization of a single letter, and context, of course. This lack of firm referential integrity is just one of many many things that make law hard to read for the common people.

The conventional answer to this puzzlement is that one needs professional and expensive legal training to read, write or execute this mess. (Aka Law School)

Or we could just rewrite the law and legal system in more formal and rigorous systems.

Another argument against more formalization is that, in this case, the enforcement is performed by human interpreters who have been applying the law in spirit. The fact of human performance and interpretation of the unclear is by design how the system works. If we formalized it, it would remove the role of spirit in law and that’s not the way we want to do it.

Not something I can argue against lacking formal, expensive, and admission-policy-dependent training in these spirits.

I’ve been watching the Atlas Shrugged on Amazon Prime, and apparently this “and or or” is a thing. It’s amazing what Rand wrote about, one is forced to think about her influences, where are the fine people who made her write these ideas? Where are their descendants and students? Her expressed hatred for political manipulations to impede human technological progress that ultimately enhances our lives. Is this the way we are? Is this an American thing or a Human thing? I mean, Rand would color Musk a hero! Which he is, but I resent that his heroism was made possible in part at my unjustly incurred financial expense.

Do we need to move out of the country or off the planet? Or should we stand our ground? There always have been, and always will be, driven, crazy, rude, manipulative, narrow minded, obnoxious, sacrilegious, and amoral outlaws in any country at any time. America always prides it self in allowing them to roam most happily and most freely by having the most advanced and most righteous government to administer them, and everyone else, each of whom are also kept the happiest and the freest people of the world. Perhaps we Americans should at least try to maintain this advantage, even if only in expectation.