2020 Mulan

A most definite and absolutely solid FamX1.

Absolutely a must watch. This story is beautifully updated to possibly provide role model for little girls, and their “allies”, that it’s okay to support the growth and prosperity of the society that we are already in, sex and race discrimination and all, that even while advancing it we can, yes we can, advance our minority selves in great leaps and bounds not imaginable prior to our effort.

The Chinese subtitle is a great script, however the spoken Chinese does not match the script at all. Kinda sad, the written words “sounds” so much better, more poetic, more respectable, and basically just more normal Chinese. The FamX1 is based on the subtitle.

I’ve never did really liked Liu Yufei, the actress now portraying Mulan, before this film. In the past she’s acted in many many Chinese action movies. I don’t know why, honestly, this American bred actress ought to be like just right to my liking, but unfortunately in the past she’s targeted her Asian fans much more than American audience. In this film, she has mature quite a bit. Also her appearance is more balanced towards masculinity. This is so much better than all the previous characters. I just can’t explain it. Jet Li is so old that I had to rewind after seeing the post scroll credit him as emperor. But these older actors look so authentic! Absolutely mesmerizing to watch.

Honestly, at some moment, you just have to ignore all the stupid anti-Chinese shit in America! Yes, it is possible that the story completely covers up centuries Chinese military atrocities, up to and including this century. Yes, the movie may have caused some people pain and suffering to make. Yes, it had to be especially adapted to show in PRC. Whatever. This enduring story is about the spirit of an individual Chinese person who fought insurmountable enemies all the while overcame traditional stigma in the pursuit of what she believes to be most noble: loyalty, bravery and truth. Anyone who stands in the way of this story might as well be the invading mongols of Mulan’s century, doomed to be decimated by the righteous and civilized, doomed to be demonized by future filmmakers for eternally.

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