What of Death in the age of AI

I had a funny conversation with an old friend today. He mentioned that some Netflix show had within its plot a near future where an antagonist suffered death in the family. The support for that future’s human beings is an AI which is built upon the digital and social data recorded during the lifetime of the deceased. Said AI can talk with the living mimicking the deceased.

Oh the lovely thoughts that come to mind when death encroaches onto thy neurons. There is the slight chance that a digital recreation is better than a person’s own recreations (by way of imagination). Main reasons being that it would have a better and more independent PRNG than the human brains, and that it would have more data than any individual is ever exposed to.

I would definitely spring for the Linear Algebra package, for I had just spent half an hour complaining to my father that my poor Linear Algebra skills are in the way of my advancement. I definitely want my avatar, the Huan Chang Memorial Chatbot to know all of Linear Algebra and I want my kids and my dad, in person or as their own AI’s to see me with Linear Algebra Kungfu!

Next on the list would definitely be a spelling and grammar checker. ‘nuf said. Maybe a room simulator that gets messier and messier. Just for those people in my life who hates messes.

Given how much time I spend online, I definitely want my bot to have redundant connections and lifetime subscriptions to things like arxiv, Wikipedia, wolfram alpha, weather underground, …, probably CBS all access for future Star Trek shows. Maybe a low latency feed to wall street so I can watch it crash repeatedly.

Another thing I may want is for my AI bot to run on a cloud having only servers physically located in my home towns. This is kind of a digital age version of having your ashes brought home. I have made few (and may make more) places home in my life time. So my gaibot will have plenty of physical redundancy on different continents with different geopolitical climates.

With all this effort, I should also charge a fee for conversing with The Huan Chang Memorial Chatbot. Let’s set the family and friends price at $0.02 per exchange.

Alright! I have got to get cracking on my social media and digital records. Thinking these matter brings the issue of digital integrity to the forefront of my mind: more important than ever, I will demand that my gaibot to have digital integrity!

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