Good luck

I just showed my kids Apollo 11 launch to the moon, Apollo 13 around the moon, and Space Shuttle Challenger launch. T minus 18 minutes.

I mean yes, many my reckoning, Musk’s company Solar City conn’d $20k from me by selling me a wrongly designed solar and battery system. Their support and resolution teams are basically people acting like robots sending scripted emails. I am very angry with this company throughout my entire purchase experience. I attribute some of their behavior to Musk’s leadership as well. I hope these people are laid off for ever and change jobs because this is just evil what they do to their customers. This is just evil—in the sense that they suck money from customers using deception. These people should just retire and never work again(and they can after musk pumped their stock up) because what they did is wrong and evil.

I really do hope this launch goes smoothly though. watching the Apollo launches, my eyes are drawn to the brilliant fixed-width san-serifs letters USA emblazoned on the side of the rocket. What a great time, 1969, when USA had meaning and spirit that can shine through even a few letters. It’s sight stirs an exuberant excitement within me today even though I wasn’t even alive then.

Today, you’d probably have to look at letters like T-e-s-l-a or S-p-a-c-e-X for anything with any spirit and meaning and hope and excitement and confidence and motion.

So, be that as it is, I wish them absolutely the best. May it prod mankind forward. I hope SpaceX is not evil to its customers and investors like Tesla is.

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