Chinese Funnies

Americans may not understand why so many people wants to come to America. For those of you who, who fee like India felt when it banned several dozen Chinese apps, that al things Made in China are just evil, just imagine how Chinese people in China feels! Everything they buy are made in China!

So, imagine that and this following conversation ensued with Chinese-American parents recently:

P: the garbage bags you bought have disintegrated into small pieces about 1” in diameter. Did you buy fake garbage bags to save money?

S: uhhh, no! Those are bio-decomposable bags.

P: so they are not fake?

S: nope, you Americans all think alike, just because I was born in China doesn’t mean my stuff are all fake! In fact I’m so genuine, even when the stuff I prepare for you rot, they are still the real thing!

P: ~ (晕了)

Anyways, hopefully all this Chinese fear-hate-doubt (or fud) will wash away with the tide of time, may there be a happier time for us Chinese-Americans in the future.

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