I didn’t get one

Picard s1e5, the telling of the story continues smoothly. I am a little upset that they killed off Icheb, days after I painstakingly rewatched many Discovery episodes about him. The problem with picking on a young person of a dying spieces from delta quadrant is that no one will stand up for you. Well, maybe no one except for Seven of Nine. And myself, I feel like I just got to know him over several years of time, and then ppppphhhhhhhaze, he’s dead. I am not happy about this. Star Trek is killing Starfleet’s youth too fast.

It is difficult to reconcile the very respectable older Seven and her sultry voice from her youth. The ex-borg retain a lot of her personality from the delta quadrant. This story has to be very touching to many people who have immigrated to the US seeking new lives, their young ones in tow, or as it were, not. You are being rehydrates with humanity as you come to America, becoming civilized and law abiding…. I mean, unless they kill your kid, then it feels completely right to blaster the killer into air molecules. The show even used an especially savage weapon that kills the person by disassembling him from inside outward. Reminds me of the Klingons blaster.

Elnor’s childish observations about what the crew was doing is cute and yet real. I mean I don’t know how many times I had experienced the same sentiment growing up and working in America… sometimes it is just so hard to tell what everyone is doing. as a foreigner, some contextual cues are not the same as what you are used to. The result is that you have to drop to very basic concepts and ask: are we all lying now? Did we just stop lying ?

But the targeting in the future is top notch. The pitch to the captain had his name and make, model and performance of his ship all seamlessly embedded in the advert. Very nice touch! And the drug den for Raffi, the roboticist job for Jurati, so right on!

And a bit angry rant about Asians. Finally there’s someone Chinese, it’s Raffi’s son, last name, according to closed captioning, Hwang, Wade-Giles romanization of 黄, the color yellow, a very common Chinese last name. Glad to see one Chinese descendent, even if his mom was a black drug addict and wife is some dark shade of Vulcan. Whatever! Maybe they found a gene bug in Chinese people and they were all forced to reproduce with non-Chinese people in order to not produce mutants or something… And then there is the Indian subcontinent that is zero-represented in Trek, what, did the Borg dig that continent out of earth?

aha!! All shall be revealed in Picard Season 2.

FAMX0.5 due to watching it twice. Last few episodes were X1 IMHO.

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