Drugs and Coffee

Just a PSA, apparently there are drug tests that you can buy OTC for marijuana and opioids. Search for “home drug test” on google or Amazon. You know, just in case you have kids or spores at risk. A large monetary prize is presently offered for an excuse to get them to put their hot pee into the cup without offense or the necessity of explanation.

Anyhoo, I’ve been observing that coffee is like a miracle drug. I’ve been off of my 4-year-5-cup-of-gourmet-coffee-a-day routine at your prototypical pre-IPO silicone valley startup. Life is miserable this way. If you have typical mid-aged computer-tech person problem, things like anal leakage, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, IBS, ED, anxiety, depression and general or specific dumbness as a result of genes, aging, upbringing or employment… maybe you should try Coffee.

This is the IT drug!


This is the “it” drug!

(one word, meaning contemporary hot exciting popular)

And it’s federally legal!

Okay, doctors, stop berating me. Coffee apparently is a cause for many of the problems I listed. I wonder if one of the following is a possibility:

  1. the body compensated for coffee and that somehow activates a physiological mechanism that defeats the cause of those diseases.
  2. the medical community never seriously tested consumption of coffee at this level because they didn’t think it would work but in reality something in coffee actually does something good to your body.
  3. It is also possible that coffee affects the nerves in ways that relief the symptoms. (For example it may just be a pain killer and not really healing the hemorrhoids.)
  4. It has “anti-inflammatory” abilities. (In quotes to evoke all the new meanings of the word)
  5. Maybe it’s just drinking hot liquids huh?
  6. There may be special addition made to some coffee at roast time or at brew time to enhance these apparent medicating effects.

Anyways, just some thoughts after trying out a rather large does of coffee again.

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